Our School - Fundraising Policy

South Yarra Primary School 

Fundraising Policy


  • Fundraising contributes to the school's ability to provide a diverse range of quality programs.
  • To provide each fundraising body within the school, with guidelines for planning, controlling, monitoring, delivering and evaluating school fundraising events.



  • To raise sufficient funds to achieve the educational goals of the school.
  • To facilitate improved educational programs and opportunities for the students through the provision of additional targeted funds.



  • School Council may raise funds for school purposes by conducting local efforts or amusements.

  • All fundraising events must have appropriate internal control (1) and a specific purpose so that contributors understand the purpose of the activity.

  • Fundraising groups will periodically come together for the purpose of conducting and managing fundraising activities and events. 

  • All fundraising proposals must include prior consultation with the SYPS Business Manager and have prior approval of the School Council.

  • School Council will seek voluntary contributions from parents in accordance with departmental requirements and expectations.

  • School Council has the potential to hire school facilities to outside bodies when the facilities are not required for school purposes and also have the responsibility to establish the terms and conditions of use.  Such agreements may have insurance implications. (Reference: SYPS Hire of Facilities Policy)

  • Any fund-raising directly related to the leasing of promotional space on fences, buildings or land is subject to approval from the Department of Education prior to entering into any agreements.

  • Appropriate sponsorships will be sought from industry and commerce so long as they benefit the school, have educational value, and do not involve associations with undesirable products, services or companies such as alcohol or tobacco products.

  • Any fund raising involving raffles or bingo must be undertaken with the permission and under the instructions of the Victorian Commission for Gambling Registration.

  • All fundraising activities will be identified as such, and will only involve voluntary participation.

  • All profits (and losses) associated with fundraising activities will be reported to the wider community.

  • All transactions related to fundraising activities will be reported to School Council.



  1. This policy will be reviewed regularly as part of the school's three-year review cycle



  1. Refer to:

  1. Internal Controls for Victorian Government Schools



    2.   SYPS Guidelines for Internal Controls