Our School - Hire Of Facilities Policy

South Yarra Primary School

hire of facilities policy


Schools have a large variety of facilities from which community groups can benefit.  Under Section 15AA of the Education Act 1958, School Councils may hire these facilities to third parties.  Fair and reasonable hiring arrangements can prove mutually beneficial.



  • To allow the community maximum access to school facilities whilst ensuring the protection of the facilities themselves.



  • School Council has the authority to allow the use of school facilities by outside bodies when the facilities are not required for school purposes and also have the responsibility to establish the terms and conditions of use.

  • School Council has decided to hire facilities such as the Multipurpose Room or library to external groups under the following conditions: -


  • All groups wishing to use the school's facilities are required to make a written initial   application to the principal detailing the facilities, times and purposes for which the grounds or facilities are being sought. 
  • Each application will be considered by the principal and School Council representative on its merits, referring to an up-to-date booking schedule to ensure availability.

  • The facilities will not be hired as a party venue because liquor licenses and licensed security personnel are required for such events.

  • Successful applicants will be advised in writing and will be required to enter into either a 'One-Off Hire Agreement' with the school council or enter into a 'License Agreement' for regular use of the grounds or a specific facility.  These agreements are required irrespective of whether or not a hire fee and/or bond is charged.
  • The Department of Education provides template Agreements for use by school council which we will use.

  • Hire and Licence Agreements typically request information such as purpose, dates and times of use, areas of use, key contact names and numbers, security arrangements, details regarding league affiliations, insurance and incorporation details, a hiring fee,  litter, noise control, vehicles on school property, car parking etc and the rights and responsibilities of both parties.

  • The principal/School Council representative will liaise directly with the key contact person/s and vice-versa should any concerns arise.

  • School Council will respond to any concerns made by the hirer of unsafe or dangerous equipment, buildings or facilities.
  • School Council will organise a roster each semester for the purposes of opening and closing the school when facilities are hired.

  • School Council reserves the right not to hire facilities to groups it does not wish associated with the school.

  • School Council will not charge a fee for the use of facilities by groups associated with the school (eg: Parents and Friends Association).

  • The business manager will be the day-to-day contact for groups hiring school facilities.

  • DET School Council Hire Agreement



    Refer to: SYPS Guidelines for Facilities Use: Checklist for Cleaning and Care of Kitchen and Premises




  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle.