Our School - Volunteers & Visitors Policy

South Yarra Primary School Volunteers and Visitors Policy

This policy has been developed in recognition to South Yarra Primary School's commitment to fully comply with Ministerial Order 870: Child Safe Standards - Managing the risk of child abuse in schools


South Yarra Primary School seeks to provide an open and friendly learning environment which values and encourages visitors/volunteers to the school. Typically these may include parent and community volunteers, invited speakers, sessional instructors, representatives of community business and service groups, prospective parents, service people, official school photographers and commercial sales people.

Concurrently we recognise our duty of care to provide a safe environment for the students, staff and parents of South Yarra Primary School and visitors / volunteers to the school.


  • To provide a safe and secure environment for the students, staff, parents and resources of South Yarra Primary School
  • To establish protocols and procedures to effectively monitor and manage volunteers and visitors, whilst not compromising the open and inviting nature of South Yarra Primary School.


School Protocols:

  • Visitors / volunteers are required to report to the School Administration prior to undertaking any activity within the school.
  • Visitors / volunteers must sign in and will complete a 'Visitors' sticker which they must wear at all times within the school. Similarly, they are required to report to the School Administration at the end of their visit to sign out.
  • Visitors / volunteers within the school who have failed to follow this process will be monitored and reminded to do so.
  • Salespeople and those delivering goods will be directed appropriately by the School Administration staff.
  • Visitors / volunteers providing services to the school such as tradespeople and consultants who may work independently of school personnel, will be asked to present their Working with Children Check (WWCC) in accordance with the Working with Children Act 2005; observe the school's 'sign in' and 'sign out' procedures; wear a 'Visitors' sticker at all times and observe the school's Occupational Health and Safety procedures while on site.
  • All visitors / volunteers in classrooms or excursions / incursions do not require a Working With Children Check (WWCC) if their child is participating or ordinarily participates in the activity undertaken provided they are under the supervision of a teacher. (refer Working with Children Act 2005). Volunteers with school camp will require a Working with Children Check. (Refer to the School Camp Policy).

Visitors / Volunteers:

  • Visitors / volunteers, such as parents and community members, are actively encouraged to participate in school activities and will be invited to do so through the School Newsletter and website, notices, written invitations and personal approaches, as well as informally through conversation and opportunity.
  • Visiting speakers are in attendance by invitation only. They will be well briefed about the nature of the school and its community by the Principal, Assistant Principal or Teacher in Charge (refer to the Excursion policy) and should be prepared to respect the range of views held by our students and their families.
  • Companies running extra curricula activities or providing professional student support on school premises must have parental consent prior to contact with students (e.g. Lego, Chess, SYPS Orchestra, Speech Pathology, counselling).

The community are welcome to visit the administration area any time to:

  • Organise the collection of their child/children by writing details in the Early Leavers Register.
  • Make appointments to see staff
  • Make enquires about school operations
  • Pay accounts or complete other tasks that require the support of our administration staff or members of the leadership team.

Risk Management

  • Visitors and volunteers entering the school will be provided with directions, and made aware of any construction works which may impact upon their wellbeing. School administration staff, Principal, Assistant Principal or the Teacher in Charge of organising the visit will provide this advice.
  • The school's emergency management procedures will ensure that visitors within the school at the time of emergency or practice drill will be identified and directed appropriately.

Unauthorised visitors:

  • Under the Summary Offence Act 1966, the Principal reserves the right, and has the authority to prohibit any potential visitor from entering or remaining within the school, and also has the authority to invite or exclude people from using or being within the school's boundaries outside school operating hours.

NB: For the purpose of this policy, visitors / volunteers are defined as all people other than staff members and students.



  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school's three-year review cycle.