All schools are required to comply with the Working with Children Act 2005, and ensure that any person unsuitable to be involved in ‘child related work’ does not do so. The Working With Children check is the minimum standard under the above Act for those who work with children, either on a paid or voluntary basis.



·         To ensure children under our care are protected from being exposed to inappropriate people.

·         To ensure all people engaged in ‘child related work’ with our students and who are required to have Working with Children (WWC) Checks, do so.

·         To ensure that our school complies with the relevant Acts and laws.

·         To provide an environment that is safe.











·         All workers or volunteers related in ‘child related work’ must undergo Working With Children checks prior to commencing work.

·         You are considered to be performing ‘child related work’ if you work or volunteer at a school or school related activities, and you volunteer or do this work on a regular basis, and you have direct contact with children under 18 yrs of age which is unsupervised, and you do not qualify for an exemption.

·         All teaching staff members are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching, and undergo ongoing monitoring that satisfies WWC check requirements, and are therefore exempt.  Police officers are also exempt. If a volunteer’s occupation exempts them from the requirement to have a Working With Children Check, they must provide evidence to support their claim to an exemption.

·         School Council does not pay for Working With Children checks.  WWC Checks last for 5 years.

·         All people required to have Working With Children checks are issued a WWC Check Card.The school will maintain a record of volunteers with current WWC Checks. It is the responsibility of the volunteers to ensure the WWC is current.

·         DET requires that all volunteers directly involved in school camps, excursions, teaching of swimming lessons, transport of students without staff members present, extra-curricular activities such as school sporting teams etc all have Working With Children Checks.

·         In addition to a WWC Check the school may also consider it necessary that a criminal record check is conducted through the Department. This may occur when possible offences are relevant to the duties of the volunteer, for example dishonesty offences, which are not part of the WWC Check. The school covers the cost of the criminal record check.

·         This policy complies with Child Safe Standard 6 - Identifying and Reducing/Removing Risks of Child Abuse that states that:

South Yarra Primary School will have a procedure for all child connected work in all environments that evaluates risks in relation to child safety.  The procedure will cover the work of –

o    Teaching staff

o    Education Support Staff

o    Volunteers

o    Visitors Including Contractors

o    External Program Provider Staff

o    Other personnel the school deems appropriate.


·         South Yarra Primary School will immediately implement management strategies for any recognised risk of child safety in relation to child abuse that will mitigate that risk.



This policy will be reviewed regularly as part of the school’s three-year review cycle or as required due to changes in relevant Acts, Laws or should situations arise that require earlier consideration..