Parents - School Council


South Yarra Primary School Council

The South Yarra Primary School Council operates effectively using a committee structure. We meet on a monthly basis. In addition to the monthly School Council Meeting there are 3 Sub-Committees:

    • Education

    • Finance

    • Buildings and Grounds 

      Each of these Committees consists of parents and teachers. Parents do not have to be a member of the School Council to be a member of one of these Committees. The Sub-Committees meet once a month prior to the School Council meeting so they can report on outcomes at that meeting.

      In addition South Yarra Primary School has a PFA that also reports to the School Council. The PFA perform a vitally important role of raising funds for the School. All members of the school community are encouraged to be involved with our school and wider community.


Our School Council members for 2018 are:

School Principal - Neven Paleka

Assistant Principal - Wendy Duff 

Leading Teacher - Matthew Ferguson (Teacher Representative


School Council President - Shelley Freeman 
School Council Vice President -  Ray Blythe

Treasurer - Claudia Haeger



Education Sub-committee Convenor - Wendy Duff
Finance Sub-committee Convenor - Claudia Haeger

Buildings and Grounds Sub-committee Convenor - Ray Blythe 



School Council Members - Sanh Duong

                                              Alison Kelly

                                              Emily Mariani

                                              George Panas